Heattec provides consultancy services for the problems of your existing combustion and burner installations. We create permanent solutions by conducting on-sit burner surveys and detecting the problematic parts on demand.


The efficiency and reliability of your burner and therefore your heating system are, in many cases, business critical. It is recommended that all gas burners are serviced at least annually, with oil burners bi-annually.

Service contracts provide the opportunity for preventative maintenance to be carried out prior to a possible breakdown.  Maintaining optimum fuel efficiency and output should also not be overlooked.

Installation and Commission

Having invested in a new burner, the installation and commissioning is critical to the on-going efficiency of the heating system.  At Heattec we are renowned for our field support for various types of burners along with all other burner manufacturers product and offer full installation and commissioning package for all burners.

Compliance with manufacturer’s recommendations will ensure warranty validation and optimum output.  Ensuring your burner has the correct settings will guarantee the best return on your investment.

All Servicing, Installing and Commissioning is undertaken by our network of high skilled and trained engineers and approved subcontractors.

Osby Parca hot water boiler with Bentone biogas burner