Powder Coating Equipment

Heattec is a supplier of industrial powder coating equipment, such as powder coating furnaces.

Curing furnace for Powder coating

Heattec is a well know designer of industrial furnaces. We supply for many industries furnaces and we can also supply curing and drying furnaces for the powder coating industry. These furnaces are specially designed for drying, curing and preserve metals, plastic and composite materials.

We can serve you with the right powder coating furnaces, together with all the necessary powder coating equipment, such as there are: powder coating applicators, booths, transport and handling systems and also degreasing and etching equipment, all designed for your specific needs.

Standard dimensions powdercoating furnaces

Type model Worksize Dimensions* (mm) External Dimensions* (mm) Heat power (kW) Heating panels Fans count
SLS-9O W1200 H1800 D1600 W1560 H2410 D1800 9-15 1 1
SLS-18O W1200 H1800 D2500 W1560 H2410 D2700 18 2 1
SLS-27O W1200 H1800 D3000 W1560 H2410 D3200 30 2 1
SLS-36O W1200 H1800 D4000 W1560 H2410 D4200 30-45 3 1
SLS-45O W1200 H1800 D5000 W1560 H2410 D5200 45-60 3-4 2
SLS-54O W1200 H1800 D6000 W1560 H2410 D6200 60-75 4-5 2
SLS-70O W1200 H1800 D8000 W1560 H2410 D8200 75-90 5-6 3
SLS-120O W1200 H1800 D11800 W1560 H2410 D12000 120 8 4
*other sizes available on request