Furnace Equipment

Heattec® specializes in the realization, diagnosis and maintenance of industrial furnace installations.

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Service & Maintenance

Heattec® specializes in the service and maintenance of all kinds of industrial furnace and burner installations.

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Electric heating

Heattec® offers various technical solutions in electric heating including industrial electric heating elements.

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Burner technology

Heattec® specializes in designing, supplying, inspecting and maintaining burners and burner systems.

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Heattec® Burners

Are you looking for industrial burners and burner components? Take a look at our Heattec® Burners webshop.

Calor - Terrasheaters

Premium patio heaters and high-quality hall heating at competitive prices.

Heattec® Industrial Fans

For an extensive range of industrial fans you can visit our Heattec® Industrial Fans webshop.

Our projects

Tunneldryer textile transfer printing Ara NV
Powder coating production line for a manufacturer of flue gas ducts.
Conveyer belt drying furnace medical industry

Heattec® Electric Heating

In our Heattec® Electric Heating webshop you can find a wide range of industrial heating elements.